Here are some cool JQuery plugins and snippets.


Foggy is a JQuery plugin for blurring page elements. Compared to blur.js it's really easy to use and it can blur ANY element on your page dynamically. You decide what to blur and when. I use it a lot for making loading screens or login forms.


The easiest way to use it is $('#element').foggy();. And you can disable it using $('#element').foggy(false);

But that's not all. you also have some options:

    blurRadius: 2,          // In pixels
    opacity: 0.8,           // Falls back to a filter for IE (Who needs IE)
    cssFilterSupport: true  // Use "-webkit-filter" where available

Foggy is on GitHub.


Cropper is an image cropper for JQuery. It's really easy to configure & use and has way too many features.


Jquery.terminal is a terminal emulator written in JS. You can do all kinds of stuff with it from easiest hello world stuff to an advanced REST Webapp like TextieWeb.

Seriously this thing is THE SHIT! And it's on GitHub.


Noisy let's you add random noise to the background of any HTML element.


If you work with JS animations, you'll probably find this site useful.